Foundation Team

Foundation Council

Nathan Kaiser


Nathan is General Counsel of IOHK, a technology company founded by Charles Hoskinson and Jeremy Wood.

He has over 18 years of professional experience as a lawyer in the greater China area. A Swiss national, Nathan is admitted as an attorney-at-law and foreign lawyer to the Zurich, Berlin, Hong Kong and Taipei bars.

Manmeet Singh

Council Member

Manmeet is CIO of Emurgo, a company founded in 2017 in Japan.

Emurgo develops, supports, and incubates commercial ventures and helps integrate these businesses into Cardano’s decentralized blockchain ecosystem. Since 2001, Manmeet Singh has been building businesses from scratch across banking, investment advisory, education, trading and technology industries.

Domino Burki

Council Member

Domino is a lawyer with more than 15 years of experience in the banking industry and compliance, is Managing Partner at the Swiss-based asset manager DuLac Capital Ltd.

Since 2015 he is a co-founder of xUpery Ltd, an international investment and consulting company specializing in digital transformations.

Tamara Haasen

Council Member

Tamara focuses on business development and growth, systems integration and talent acquisition.

Tamara, a native of Canada, has a Juris Doctor degree from the Bond University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Toronto. She is also a certified audio engineer and holds theater credentials.

Nicolás Arqueros

Council Member

Nicolás provides his technical expertise based on his entrepreneurial engineering, startup, app development and emerging markets knowledge.

Nicolás, a native of Chile, has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Electronic Engineering with a minor in Business and Economics from the Federico Santa María Technical University.

PR & Communications

Bakyt Azimkanov

Global PR and Communications Director

Bakyt is a communications leader with a journalism background.

He puts together value-driven and purpose-led communications strategies and employs an array of high impact execution tactics and innovative delivery methods. Bakyt advises the Cardano Foundation Council and executes the leadership positioning strategy in leading global media outlets as well as trade publications.

Ye Ji Kim

Senior PR and Communications Manager

Ye Ji is a communication and marketing professional who has had the experiences of working with various stakeholders from startups to government officials.

Ye Ji will lead the Foundation’s communications strategy with a primary focus on Greater China, Korea and Mongolia and oversee its implementation to establish Cardano. She supports Women in Technology groups in Asia and herself is part of the group. Ye Ji believes in the power of connecting people and ideas.


Maryam Mahjoub

Marketing Manager

Maryam is responsible for developing and executing the global marketing strategy for Cardano and the Cardano Foundation.

With more than 15 years of international marketing experience across the Americas and the Middle East, Maryam combines data, design and user experience to continuously deliver effective and integrated marketing and communications strategies through targeted campaigns. Maryam holds a Master’s degree in Healthcare Leadership from the University of Denver and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology from the University of British Columbia. She will be continuing her education with an advanced analytics certification from Columbia University.

Community Management

Casey Monroe

Senior Community Engagement and Strategy Lead

Casey will focus on implementing a community engagement and strategic direction plan to improve management, growth and diversification of the community, with a focus on adoption and use cases.

Prior to joining the Cardano Foundation, Casey held various senior community and content management positions at Toyota, Google, Zynga and Wowhead, where he built, grew and supported communities for more than a decade.

Tiago Serôdio

Community Project Manager

Tiago will focus on managing the Cardano Foundation’s flagship Ambassador Program, community-related projects and manage Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking communities.

Before his current position, Tiago held various community management, marketing, analytics and business development roles at Dash and elsewhere. He has a Master of Arts degree in Clinical Neuropsychology from the University Institute of Maia in Portugal and an Audio Engineering certification from the SAE Institute of Technology in Barcelona (Spain).

Tommy Kammerer

Content Creator and Community Manager

Prior to joining our team Tommy has been running his website proving to be a beneficial factor to us and our community by digesting AMA’s and making educational content.

Tommy is based in Germany and you may know him as “ADAtainment” in various community channels. He has a strong background in app and web development, about seven years of broad experience in the cryptocurrency space and he’s been following Cardano since December 2017.

Niels Schoof

Community Manager

Niels has experience in various professions, ranging from medical&health care to linguistics and ESL education.

Overall interested in science/technology and enthusiastic about the future of the blockchain and cryptocurrency potential. Always keen to apply former experiences and learn additional new skills in an upcoming industry.

Andy Hendrikx

Community Manager

Prior to joining the Community team, Andy taught IT to youth and adults. His experience in education has proven beneficial informing users in the cryptocurrency space.

After surviving the MT.Gox and BTC-E collapse, Andy went in search for trustworthy exchanges and in doing so discovered Cardano. Andy first joined the community through the Cardano Reddit, later taking the initiative to volunteer his time to help manage the community and moderate. Andy is also a car enthusiast, Belgian beer lover and PC Gamer.

Ryan He

China Community Manager

Ryan is a professional marketer who has expertise in digital marketing and community management.

Prior to joining the Cardano Foundation, Ryan started his career as a marketer at China Telecom, China’s largest telecommunication company and JCDecaux, a marketing media agency.

He entered the blockchain space by joining Blox, a cryptocurrency accounting company, as a community manager. He was also an ambassador of NXT blockchain. As the China community manager, he will lead the initiatives such as increasing touch points with Chinese members and cultivating our ambassador programs in China.


Hinrich Pfeifer

General Secretary

Hinrich is the General Secretary based in Switzerland. He joined from the financial services industry where he held a number of senior roles.

Hinrich leads the Cardano Foundation’s global team and is responsible for the advancement and the implementation of the Foundation’s mission and vision. He advises the Foundation Council on operational strategy to streamline the organization’s function while driving international growth and to ensure the highest degree of accountability to the organization’s diverse constituents.

Steve Wagendorp

Head of Technical Operations

Steve joined the Cardano Foundation with prior experience in administration, compliance, regulatory matters and IT.

As a technology enthusiast with knowledge of networking and systems administration, he developed a keen interest in blockchain technology. Steve graduated from the university of Cape Town with a degree in Geomatics.

Frederic Johnson

Technical Project Manager

Frederic blends Blockchain understanding, global regulatory compliance research and Agile project/product management experience.

As technical project manager, he provides technical knowledge, product insights, facilitates process and project execution as well as partnerships. He holds a BS in Computer Engineering & Computer Science and a MS in Computer Science from the Viterbi School of Engineering at the University of Southern California.

Mel McCann

Platform Integration Engineer

Mel is an IT professional whose expertise lies in integrations and development. Mel leads integrations at the Cardano Foundation with a primary focus on cryptocurrency exchanges and partners.

Prior to joining the Cardano Foundation, Mel worked in third-party logistics integration and enterprise service business development in Dublin, Ireland. His career history in the technology sector and an avid interest in blockchain are what drew him to become part of the Cardano Foundation.

Gianna Abegg

Legal and Operations Officer

Gianna is an international lawyer admitted to the Zürich bar. Before joining the Cardano Foundation, she practised law at a law firm in Taipei and Shanghai for six years.

In Asia, Gianna focused on digital economy, corporate transactions and cross-border investments. During her professional practice in China, Gianna also held the position of Vice President of the Swiss Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, as well as Head of its Legal Committee and its Digitalization Committee. She has a Master of Law degree from the University of Zürich, Switzerland.

Juliette Adelfang

HR and Finance Manager

Juliette started her career in the insurance industry doing performance analysis and training development for new personnel.

She continued her development in roles that have included corporate administration and office management. Having a service oriented background, Juliette has a keen interest in event management and project coordination for blockchain related projects. She graduated from the University of Johannesburg with a BTech Degree in Hospitality Management.

Amanda Rasch

Office Manager and Coordinator

Amanda grew up and graduated in Switzerland and since worked in the Financial Industry in various roles

This included administration, office management, executive assistance and marketing management. She feels very passionate about excellent customer service and has gained wide knowledge in the South African short-term insurance sector while consulting private and corporate clients at a reputable brokerage for several years. Back in Switzerland, she is ready for a new challenge with the Cardano Foundation.

Kerstin Lin

Administrative Assistant for Asia Operations

Kerstin Lin has over 10 years as an administrative executive.

She began her career in one of Taiwan’s leading financial groups, assisting several high-profile executives with their daily operations. Kerstin then moved to an award-winning, international law firm in Taipei. Fluent in Chinese, English and German, Kerstin is in her element managing business tasks in German-speaking countries, just as she is in her native Taiwan. A graduate of Klessheim Hotel & Tourism College in Salzburg, as well as the FuJen University in Taipei.

John MacPherson

Exchange Relationship Manager

John, based in Toronto, Canada, leads the Cardano Foundation’s relationships with exchanges and his remit includes growing the number of quality exchanges listing ada (₳), Cardano’s native token.

He trained to be a police officer at the Georgian College in Ontario and has been involved in the blockchain industry for the last decade.